Authentic Nuremberg Bridal Cup (aka.. Nuremberg Wedding Cup) Full Pewter Made in Germany

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This Nuremberg Bridal Cup features a solid 95% lead free pewter body and stands 6.7" tall.

The legend of the Bridal Cup

Once upon a time there was a beautiful lady named Kunigunde. Without her father’s knowledge, Kunigunde fell in forbidden love with a young and ambitious goldsmith. After she refused many noble men who asked for her hand in marriage, she finally confessed her secret love to her father who was a powerful nobleman. Her father became so furious, that he ordered the capture of the young man and had him thrown into the darkest available dungeon. Kunigunde's heart was broken but even her bitter tears would not change her fathers decision. Suffering her heartaches, Kunigunde did not know what to do until one day her father suggested the following :"If your goldsmith can craft a chalice from which two people can drink at the same time without spilling one single drop, I will give you my blessing to join him in matrimony ". Yet he assumed that the young man would never be able to solve the impossible task on hand. But love inspired the young man and in only a few days he crafted a lovely skirt shaped chalice like nothing ever seen before. The chalice was modeled after Kunigunde holding a small movable cup over her head which allowed two people to easily drink, simultaneously from the wine filled chalice. As a man of his word Kunigunde’s father reluctantly gave his blessing and shortly after, Kunigunde’s dream came true as she married the goldsmith. To this day for many couples the chalice remains a symbol of love, faithfulness and good luck, which awaits the couple who drinks from this cup.

How to drink from this cup ?

The open end of the skirt-shaped cup is held up while the small cup suspends freely underneath. Both cups are filled and the groom drinks from the larger cup, while the bride drinks from the smaller cup.

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